Sparked by a passion for social action, the CADRE3 team consists of 7 undergraduate and 3 graduate students as well as a professor with a lifelong connection to educational equity both in the United States and the Czech Republic. With the mission of identifying, outlining, and operationalizing one calculated action to advance equal education in both the US and CZ, the CADRE3 team will be working for ten weeks during the summer of 2016. The roots of educational segregation are many and varied. For any change effort to be successful, it must developĀ an understanding of this multifaceted nature. This project will draw on the expertise of students across a wide distribution of backgrounds with a common drive to test their ingenuity and skills toward the development of more equitable educational outcomes not only for protected minorities but particularly those who are socially excluded from the majority culture due to poverty or other happenstance of birth.

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